Drum Mic Setup and Not Recording


I just installed and setup my Cubase LE 5 software today with the TASCAM US-1800 mixer. I went through all of the standard setup procedures in the manuals like setting my audio device setup and all of that. I then began to setup my drum mics. I went to the VST Connections tab > Inputs > Presets > 16 mono. From there, I set 8-16 to “not connected” because I only have 7 drum mics. On the other 7, I made sure they were configured and lined up. M1 to US-1800 1, M2 to US-1800 2, and so forth. I then went to Outputs and made sure it was set on Stereo Out L and R (which I believe is standard). I then went to Audio > New Track > and clicked that I wanted 7 mono tracks. They popped up and I then went to line up my inputs on the left center of the program. I made track 1 connected to M1, track 2 connected to M2, and so forth so that each drum mic gets its own track.

This is where the problem is.

I highlight all of the tracks and press record and play and they all start recording. I begin to hit each drum once to test, but no waveforms come up. I stopped the recording and listened back and it was silent. However, the little green audio indicator under the Track 1 would light up when I hit the drum.

What is preventing the software from recording my hits? I know it is receiving the sound, as seen by the green light indication. I tried once when nothing was set up and it recorded each on to one track with the audio. Since then, I haven’t been able to get the audio to come up. I exported it to a .wav file and listened in iTunes and I can hear a very, VERY faint noise if I listen closely.

Sorry if that was a wall of text, hope someone can help me out.

sbuchanan9: So if your VST connections are setup properly
and your project page is setup–just curious
have you “ENABLED” the Record and Monitor buttons
on the project page of the 7 tracks before recording. :question:

Jack :smiley: :slight_smile:

I did enable the record, I’ll check again on the monitor.

Yes, I have both enabled on all 7 tracks.

sbuchanan9: Do you have the right driver for the Tascam US-1800 :question:
Are we talkin 64 bit or 32 bit OS on your computer :question:

Does your VST connections look like this http://home.comcast.net/~halljack505/pwpimages/Vst%20connections%20%20-%207.PNG

Does your Project Page look like this http://home.comcast.net/~halljack505/pwpimages/Project%20page%20%20-7.PNG

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Jack :smiley: :slight_smile: