Drum notation can't move rests

I’m trying to notate for drums with rhythm slashes for accents. Unfortunately I can’t move rests vertically as in the other staves and the result is unclear to me (image attached):

Is there a better way to get this kind of notation?

Thank you

As you’ve found, you can’t move rests in percussion kits as yet (though of course this is planned). I think your best bet for this kind of notation at the moment is either to use a slash voice in the middle of the staff instead of a bar repeat region, which will cause the rests in the slash voice to move out of the way.

Ok, thank you Daniel

Just checking on the status of moving rests in percussion kits. I have a client with a two-instrument grid kit. The rests lie on the bottom line, and he wants them in the middle, in the space between the two gridlines. Is there a way to do this now? I can’t find it, if there is.


I’m afraid there’s been no change in this behaviour as yet, but it is a high priority for us to improve the flexibility of rests in percussion kits, and it’s something we will certainly address as soon as we can.