Drum Notation Problem

Again a drum notation Problem.

I try to write a triplet with 8th notes.
Kick drum gets the length of 2 eights and is written on the F ’ (if you think in treble clef notation)
Then on the last eights of the triplet I’d like to write a G ‘’ …it’s not possible. Dorico always moves to a second voice and writes it as a normal eight note.
I tried to insert a lower note and move it upwards with the arrow keys - the same thing happens
I tried to insert a second triplet on a second voice - the same thing happens
I tried to insert the note with ‘Y’ - the same thing happened

This is the result for G ‘’ and F ‘’ -> it’s not possible to enter a eight-note triplet.
From E ‘’ on downwards, it is possible…frustration over here :open_mouth:

Peer, the triplets should get created across all those instruments in the kit that get notated in the same voice. In your example, you will have to create a separate triple with the caret at the Hi-hat position (but starting from the first kick note, so it covers the same range). To see what’s happening under the hood, you could also temporarily change your layout options to show the drum kit as individual instruments.

Thanx Stefan,

i tried it like you described it…
Looks strange though
Bildschirmfoto 2019-04-16 um 14.17.47.png

I changed my notation options - and now it works :wink:
So I’m fine over here.
Thanx a lot

Excellent. Just to recap, if you switch Notation Options / Percussion to use a single voice, then triplets will always be created on all kit instruments. You can switch back to the other voicing at any point.

It might be worth changing Layout Options / Player / Percussion to show this drum set as individual instruments, just to double check what happened here.

Ok…thanx for all the advice Stefan !