Drum notation - top voice without ledger lines, lower rests

I would like to ask if it is possible to make an instrument in drumkit that has normal or slash noteheads, that sits higher than position nr 5 (sitting on the staff) but does not have ledger lines. It is customary in bigband notation to have this kind of cue voice, but having it on note G makes it clash with the staff and it does not look very well.

Second question is about rest positioning with slash region and this kind of top voice. The rests are way too high for the rhythm to be easily legible. Is there a system to bring them down? As far as I checked manual rest position does not work in drum notation.



It’s not possible to hide ledger lines at the moment, but a new ‘Hide ledger line’ property is coming in the forthcoming update.

You can’t edit the positions of rests on percussion staves at all at the moment, I’m afraid.

Thanks, with the new property it will be possible to bring the „faux-cue” voice higher to match the position of the rests, without having the ledger lines. Good luck on the update!


Is this in 2.1 and if so, where? I haven’t seen it, but maybe I was looking in the wrong place.


It’s a property in Engrave mode.

Yep, I missed it - hiding in plain sight!

Great to have it!

Thanks, Derrek!