Drum Notation

Hi again

I trie again to solve my Drum Notion problem.

First Bar: The tremolo is not in the bass drum but in the snarre drum.

2nd Bar: Is it possible to write a quater note in the bass drum

How can I change this

Kind regards


If you generally want snare drum to be stem up and bass drum to be stem down, make sure they are set up that way in the Edit Percussion Kit dialog (see here).

If you generally want them to be in the same voice but every so often you want to show a different stem direction, then you could select the snare notes in the second bar and choose Edit > Percussion > Change Voice > Extra Up-stem Voice, which will put the snare notes into an up-stem voice, allowing the bass drum note to be written as a single note in the down-stem voice.

You may also have the Notation Option to force all of your voices on the drum kit into a single voice, which is probably not what you want, so you might consider changing that, or at least also switching on the option to truncate notes so that the notation in a single voice looks cleaner.

Many thank’s Daniel