Drum Notation


Again questions about Drum Kit

I have created a Peercussion part with 3 instruments
Castanets, Cowbell and Triangle.

How can I do that in the score staff label is marked Percussion1 ?
It’s also labeled Cowbell 2, and I want only “Cowbell”
And as you can see, there is a smaller font, and I can not find where to find for the same font size as all the other instruments.

In the percussion part it’s fantastic that Dorico writes "to Triangle2 and so on. But the 1st Instrument is not labeled at the begining of the piece (?)
I hope my questions are ok. My english is not the best

Kind regards


Your image does not appear to show the details you are discussing.

(Am trying to resist saying, “More cow bell” here.)

Patrick, you should combine your separate percussion instruments into a single percussion kit held by the player, and then you should set it to appear as e.g. a grid (on the Players page of Layout Options). This page in the documentation should help.