Drum notes through hardware conroller

I was looking for some solution to put midi notes into drum sequencer in Cubase through hardware device, but can’t find anything. Something like Push controller is able in Live!, or Atom SQ in Studio One. Do you now of something can do such a thing in Cubase?


Do you mean the Step Input?

Yes Martin, something like step input in hardware sequencer.


You can use the Step Input in Cubase, as you can see.

Yes, but to use step input I have to use my mouse. I’m looking for some hardware sequencer with standard for drum steps that will translate into pattern.


Why do you need to use the mouse? For which task?

Do I understand you correctly, this topic has nothing to do with Cubase then?

I need a mouse to edit notes in the piano roll.
I was looking for some hardware that work with software (Cubase) to edit patterns.

Studio one has hardware called Atom or Live! has Push. The hardware and software is connected there, but for Cubase I couldn’t find hardware that allows to edit notes in the drum sequencer.
Something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tR7OWG2RVL8


You can use any MIDI Controller. You can use MIDI Remote to improve the integration to Cubase. If the hardware has a display, you can also show the values on the display.

Native Instruments keyboards use dedicated standard to control DAW.

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