drum part: what am i doing wrong

Somebody can tell me what am i doing wrong with a drum part not sounding correctly:
I write for example this

and give this:

No problem when play with Halion Sonic Se but if i want to play with a standard (GM) drum’s library in other vst instrument like Kontakt or use EzDrummer : sound not with the good sounds!
And all these library uses the sames midi notes C2/D2/F#2 for kick, snare and hhat.
I tried a lot of things and import in Percussion map library found in this forum: change nothing and sound exactly the same???
So what am i doing wrong?
BEst regards and thanks

It’s probably mapping. If they use the same notes, perhaps you just need to add GM percussion map in your VST configuration.

For a more complex example see this as an example of mapping to Komplette Modern Drummer (work in progress).

great thanks for the answer and your work
Y’ou’re right, I also found this:

So I can go further but I have another problem : Can we convert normal midi track imported into a drum set??
For example I have this as drum midi part in an instrument :

If I copy and paste it in a drum set, I obtain this:

Best regards

Dup, the documentation you linked to is for Dorico verison 1. There have been many changes to percussion in Dorico since then.

Unfortunately Google often finds out-of-date versions of the documentation when search for something.

Make sure your MIDI file has the percussion track set to channel 10 and that the option in the MIDI Impot Options dialog to interpret channel 10 as percussion.