Drum parts on hardware keyboard

Ok, surely I am not the only one who has tried to record midi drum parts using both the keys and the pads on their hardware keyboard. For example, having the D key assigned to the snare and one of the pads assigned to the snare as well so that I can play fills with two hands (or fingers). But if I try to play anything fast, I have missed notes. I even tried a different keyboard in conjunction with the first and had the same issue.

FYI, I tried doing this in Garageband and it works just fine!
Also, I checked the Polyphony settings in Cubasis and tried different settings to no avail.
TIA for any help!

Hi BassHead61,

Missing notes can appear, when polyphony values are set too low.
Please let me have more details (or upload a short video via Dropbox and send me the link via PM), if the problem persists after increasing polyphony values.


Hi Lars, thanks for your response. I’ve got polyphony set to 128 and it still doesn’t work? Tried 64,32,still missing beats. I’ll try to make a video tonight.

Hi BassHead61,

Thanks for the update.
Please upload the video via dropbox or similar and let me have the download link via private message.