Drum patterns in Cubase?

I am new to Cubase and was wondering if there are any drum patterns that come with the application for Groove Agent One? THe sounds are very good but are there any patterns that I can use to start the editing of my own tracks process? I am still finding my way around Cubase…
thanks in advance

After loading Groove Agent, open the MIDI insert called Beat Designer. It has some preset MIDI drum pattern - not a very extensive collection, though. You can edit them or write your own of course. I found some more “human” patterns for free by Groove Monkey.

When you buy the “Elek Drums” add on for GAO you get some new sound presets and some new patterns. Some of them are quite good.
But when it comes to drums I prefer the drum editor with a drum map loaded. I’ve made a lot of MIDI Loops on my own so I can have a quickstart for a production if I need it.