Drum production in home studio with Cubase ?

So how do you guys deal with producing drums in a home studio environment with Cubase ? Virtual, or are you able to get good acoustic recordings ?

This was the approach on our last song:


Hi Marteen
I’m following (not subscribing :wink:) your Youtube-sessions Lanewood Studios and it’s interesting to see, how you deal with the records of the various real instruments.
To your question
Having a “true” homestudio with limited space and resources, I produce the drums in the box. Either using GrooveAgent 5 or some other virtual drums to get the patterns into cubase. Afterwards I adapt it to the song by changing the samples or I apply the various possibilities to groove or vary the beats and the velocities.

But, of course, I’m on the personal way of making music, no official or commercial ambitions :slight_smile:.

Keep on making your videos.
It might help the more band oriented community to adapt your procedures to achieving good results. :exclamation:


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Thanks for your reply. Maybe you will subscribe later :wink:. And yes your approach to drum production is very pragmatic for a home studio :+1:. Keep making music!