Drum Programming

Hi there,

Since the drum pad edit dialog does not allow to use your own imported samples, or alter them in e.g. pitch or cut-off (btw feature request :slight_smile: ), I am looking for a way to do NI Battery style drum programming. I have Nanostudio, but it does not support Audiobus. Means I would have to make a mixdown to render it plus audiocopy into Cubasis each time.
Thus, looking for an alternative which allows to use your own samples, supports Audiobus, apply some cell sound editing, and has proper import/export for samples.
What do you guys use or recommend? From what I know today, I would go with Beat Maker 2. But not cheap, so I better await your feedback.




with DM-1 app you can import your own audio files to make a customized drum set, it also have audiobus support!

Take a look to it! :wink:

DM-1 will definitely do the trick. However, Beatmaker 2 as the sample module and Cubasis as the sequencer/ DAW is a more than great combination. The two together address many of each others limitations.