Drum Quantize on Cubase 8.5 artist

Gday all.

I have seen a few threads on this with CB 6 but not 8.5 and so I’m hoping like hell that it may have changed, if not any short cuts or tips? you see, I have recorded my acoustic drums over about 8 tracks ( 8 Mics )and would like to quantize them but not sure how to go about it. I know that CB Pro has the group edit option but that aint helping me on the Artist version. Any ideas?

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Audio Quantize is Cubase Pro feature only. If you want to do this in Cubase Artist, you have to open Sample Editor for each single track, and stretch the Audio manually.

I personally just do it manually with group edit. Depending upon how ‘off’ the drum tracks are from the tempo, this is usually the best bet in my experience.

This is more difficult without the ability to group edit. May be time to upgrade…

Select your events (not “tracks” thx Jimmy) and hit Ctrl G. Slice between hits with scissors and with Ctrl/Alt mouse the waveforms into position.
Once complete add a very short crossfade.

Alternatively slice right on the transient of the hits, quantise and then drag all the event start/ends to the left a little (to clear the transient) and then add a short crossfade.

Interesting. I understand that Ctrl G is supposed to be the ‘group’ command. But it does nothing for me in full version of Cubase 8.5. Would it with Artist?

It works in Pro…select events not tracks…sorry I mis-described it!

Thanks for all your replies, Yes Jimmys69, it maybe time to upgrade… or I guess I could just tighten up my drumming :wink: but group edit is a cool function! Just a side note, as a first time user of DAW ( many many years on old stand alone systems ) I’m loving what you can do on these things! It has really opened up my creativity. I know it probably has it’s glitches and bugs and stuff but I’m in the " new relationship " stage of this love affair and seeing things through rose coloured glasses…time will tell I’m sure.