Drum rolls and tremolo settings

I’m trying to work out how to create a drum roll properly within Dorico. My VST has a roll sample that will play the roll for as long as a single midi note is held.

However, if I create a tremolo with the z on the stem in Dorico, this results in the midi note being submitted repeatedly, and so the roll is constantly restarted in the VST.

I can see some options for playback for unmeasured tremolos, but it would be nice to just be able to click on the tremolo and have it ignored in the score, as there will be other instruments where I want a tremolo to be played.

A z-on-stem or buzz roll tremolo should certainly be triggering the tremolo playback technique, so you shouldn’t need to do anything unusual with the playback options that would affect the playback of other tremolos with fewer strokes. Perhaps you need to review the percussion map for your percussion instrument to make sure that the appropriate tremolo playback technique is mapped for the relevant instrument?

I think what he’s referring to is a sample library where the recorded sound is already a tremolo/roll. In that case, you want to just trigger a single long note and let the sample create the roll sound, not constantly restart the note like happens when you put the z or slashes on the stem.

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Yes that is it exactly, @bkshepard.

The VI is NI’s Abbey Road Vintage Drummer; which has a roll articulation for snare that holds a roll for as long as you press the key. So I’d want to be abke to notate the z on the stem for the part, but disable Dorico’s playback of the tremolo.

I’ll post the percussion map and drum kit I’ve been putting together for it (quite a laborious process) as I also have questions for how best to implement some other articulations such as hihat open/close (the library has a whole bunch of articulations for close). And whether the approach is generally the right way to go - I’ve created a playback technique for each articulation listed, but perhaps these should be fewer and have some combined?

Thanks as always!
NI Abbey Road Vintage Drummer - Ivory.zip (7.7 KB)

Just wanted to follow up on this @dspreadbury and see if there is a way to have thr z on stem without it triggering the tremolo as midi? At the moment for playback I can set a new articulation in the percussion map with the roll playback technique to trigger the sample only, but then obviously the padt looks incorrect.

Provided you have defined the Buzz roll playback technique in your percussion map, that will be triggered when you use the z-on-stem tremolo type.

Got it, I was using roll rather than Buzz roll.