Drum Sample File Locations

Does anybody here know where the drum samples from the Groove Agent SE4 preset kits are located? I’d like to be able to use some of the drum samples individually, and using copies of them seems like the only way to do it. I need to get to the files themselves to save myself the time and work of having to manually sample the sounds.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


all the audio files are stored in the VST sound archive of Groove Agent SE. But you will find all the samples in the Cubase MediaBay.

But maybe the fastest way could be that you open 2 instances of Groove Agent SE, open the factory presets on the first GA SE and just drag the samples from one instance to the other.

This is a work around that will help you locate any sample in the Media Bay

How to “Export” Samples/Wav’s out of the Media Bay :slight_smile:

Step 1
Open the Media Bay and locate the Samples/Wav’s that you want to export.

Step 2
Drag the samples into the sequencer, Cubase will ask you if you want to place the samples on different tracks.
Click “Yes” and wait for Cubase to finish importing the samples/Wav’s on to new tracks.

Step 3
Select all the samples you just imported into the sequencer and right click.
A menu will pop up, select “Render in Place”
Wait until Cubase has finished then navigate to your music folder, where you keep your Cubase tunes and the samples will be in your “Audio” folder.

Hope that helps you :slight_smile: