Drum sampling question

Is it possible to take a drum track I created with Superior Drummer and somehow sample my mates drums ie to get the Superior drummer track to sound like my mate’s Gretsch drums?
If it’s possible what software would I need to do this?

You need a recording software to sample the sounds, and a sampler to map- and play them back


I’ve got Artist 6, would this do it? If not my mate has Pro Tools 8 which might.

Sure, Artist is totally capable. But if you have the equipment and room, why not record the drummer playing the track you need?

That’s what we did but the drummer had to drum to pre-recorded guitars,bass etc and found it difficult, so some of the drum tracks go in and out of time. We’re thinking of using the Superior drummer drum tracks for some songs but want to keep the real drum sound.

I have looked on in the manual but can’t find how to sample the drum sounds.Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Press record -> hit drum -> Press stop -> Edit -> Repeat until you have enough hits for as many velocity layers and drums you think is necessary to get realistic sounding sample drums.