Drum Score

Sorry, I have a problem with a drum score.

I can not figure out how to write the open hi-hat like in the example
Schermata 2019-01-13 a 15.16.44.png
Can you help me?

Go to setup mode, edit percusion kit, select hihat, click edit percussion playing techniques, click on the + under natural and select open2, select open2 and click on notehead set, choose circle X noteheads.Click ok. Next step is input an open hihat most easy way is to do it with midi keyboard and press bflat. If midi keyboard does not work go to: edit, preferences, note input and editing, Percussion input, select use select percussion map, close. Now it should work. I hope I did not missed a step.

Succes, Maarten

Thank you very much!!! Now i try!

It’s ok. Thank you very much Maarten
There’s only One problem.

I press f# the HHat Is correctly write, After I press Bb end the OpenHaw Is correctly write. I Press another F# to write a closedHat and Dorico write a OpenHat.

I must to move manually for a correctly wiew.

I have Made some attempts…
I have tried to export a kit, I have created a New musician and I have imported a kit, but when I insert every note form my keyboard (C for Kick, D for snare , and every other notes), dorico always write the some note…

The Maarten’s solution it’s OK only if I perform the procedure form a New drumkit

Exactly what will happen when you input notes onto a percussion kit from your MIDI keyboard can be hard to predict. If you’re inputting onto a standard drum kit, then provided the appropriate percussion map is chosen in the Endpoint Setup dialog in Play mode, then you have the choice of inputting either following the pitched defined in the percussion map – which for a standard drum kit will follow the usual General MIDI mapping – or you can choose to input the notes according to their staff position, as if the 5-line staff were a pitched staff, with either a treble or bass clef.

I hope you will find this documentation helpful.

Thank you Daniel, I will study your link!