Drum Set - Copy and Paste Issue

I moved from Finale to Dorico in January and so far, so good.
However, there is one issue I can’t figure out nor can I find the answer to in this forum…
In editing drum set parts, copy and paste from one bar to another doesn’t completely overwrite all the drum notes in the target bar. This functionality is available in Finale, but I can’t seem to get it to work in Dorico. (The Chord symbol is not engaged.)

If you paste into a bar, only instruments that are changed will be affected. That might be a really silly way to describe it, so:

Say you have a basic drum groove with HH, snare and kick, but a particular bar has a tom fill in it. If you copy/paste a different HH, snare and kick groove into that bar, only those instruments will be changed i.e. the tom fill will remain. This is because all the instruments in a kit are actually separate instruments and you are only copying music from the HH, snare and kick - not any tom music

Does this make sense?

If you want to completely replace all music in a bar, you will need to select that bar and cut or delete the music in it.

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Another option could be, once you’ve pasted all your music, to view your drum kit (called a Percussion Kit) as single-line instruments and then just delete all the tom music or any music you don’t want anymore in the tom(s) stave. I wouldn’t choose this option though.

Thanks for your reply, Daniel.

That makes sense; however, the attached screengrabs of a simple example show what happens when I cut and paste from bar one to bar two. The last snare eighth note in bar two remains after pasting in the notes from bar one. All notes and the rest are Voice 1.

If all the content in a bar cannot overwrite another bar completely, then I’m guessing that’s just how the software works, and as you mentioned, the workaround is to delete the notes in the target bar, then paste in the new content.

Example 1

Example 2

This is what I would expect. There is nothing in the source bar to overwrite that final quaver, so it remains.

Yes, it is likely that your snare on beat 4 of bar 1 has been entered as a quaver, rather than a crotchet. And because of this, it is only pasting over the two semiquavers at beat 4 of bar 2, leaving the last quaver.

You’ll find (hopefully) that if you change the crotchet on beat 4 of bar 1 to a crotchet and then try again, that it will overwrite that last quaver.

Does this make sense?

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Yep. That’s what I thought. Actually, in Finale, copy and paste can completely overwrite a measure; however, I’m finding Dorico is better at almost everything else for creating my band charts. :sunglasses: