drum set copy-paste

So, the image below shows a two drum set score. The top set is the basic set and the bottom is the full set. Legends are shown. Copy from basic set to full set is copying what appears to be (but isn’t quite true in one case) the top 9 instruments into the top 9 instruments of the other set. I would have thought it would paste into the same staff location (e.g, c (snare) copies to c (snare), etc.). So is this the expected behavior? Seems counter intuitive.

Copying and pasting between identical kits should work exactly as you expect; copying and pasting between similar but not identical kits can have a few wrinkles, as you’ve found. More work is ongoing with copy and paste and percussion, and it’s possible that we may provide some improvements in this area in the short term.

OK, thanks. I did do some copying between identical kits and that does work as expected.

I tried to do some copy/paste on a conga line, just the same way as one does for copying on a normal 5 line notation bar, but that didn’t work, so I suppose this is what is meant with 'more work is ongoing with c&p &percussion? Or is there another way to do the job?

In your case, Luc, you should find that if you temporarily add your conga line to a kit (even if it’s a kit that contains only that single instrument), you’ll be able to use copy and paste. This is certainly something that we will fix as soon as we can.

Thank you Daniel. The ‘kit solution’ works fine indeed and I must recognize that it seems to be a reasonable concept (comparable to the basic concept in ‘modern maths’ that an ‘empty set’ is also a set!).

Dear team,

It seems like copy-pasting between percussion kits who are not exactly the same is still problematic in Dorico 3.5.1
In my case I wanted to copy from a Drum Set including toms to a kit which exclusivley exists of toms. They are at the same position in the 5-line-staff. Copy-pasting resulted in nothing.
For me it would be the easiest to just consider the position on the 5-line staff, but I see how this can get problematic with different instruments on the same staffline.
My current workaround is to switch to single-line representation for both and copy paste individually, which is time consuming.