Drum Set Playback

I have a consistent issue with drum set playback. In a current project I have notated cross-stick on the snare. The cross-stick plays back when I enter it and click on the note it playsback. When I play the track it doesn’t. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum, @sguerra1118. Can you please cut down your project to just a few bars that reproduce the issue, and attach it here so we can take a look?

Stephen Guerra? (This is Todd.) Welcome to the forum!

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It is me! Thanks for the welcome.

cross-stick.dorico (2.3 MB)

Here is the issue extracted from my bigger score. When I click on the cross-stick note it plays…when I put it in it plays…when I hit play on the file it doesn’t play.

I’m not sure if it’s an issue on your end or mine, but when I open your file, there’s no kit loaded into GASE. It could be a system thing, but I would first confirm something is loaded, like the default Life Is Simple kit. (Or reapply the Playback Template)

After that, I’m a little confused why it’s not working, as it looks like everything is configured correctly. If I delete your snare notes and reinput, then they work fine. You do have your Snare set up stems-down. Did you do any other sort of edit to them other than flipping the stems?

Sorry, I’m not sure! Deleting and reinputting worked for me anyway. :man_shrugging:

I’ll shoot you a PM too. Maria was down with y’all this week, right?

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I’ve spent a while puzzling over this project and I’m also coming up short, unfortunately. Like Todd, I find that simply deleting and reinputting those notes is sufficient to get them to sound as expected. How did you input them in the first place?

If you want them to have stems up rather than down, I’d suggest using the Edit Percussion Kit dialog to specify a different stem direction for the snare drum instrument rather than flipping each stem in turn.

Also, because Groove Agent SE is limited to the instruments you see in the graphical preview, if you are planning on using the wide array of instruments in Dorico’s full drum set (rather than its basic one), you might be better off switching to the equivalent playback template that doesn’t have GASE in its name; Dorico will then use HALion Sonic’s Yamaha XG drum map for playback instead of Groove Agent SE, and that drum map has a wider range of sounds.


Interesting. Deleting it and re-entering it ended up working for me today. I entered it by putting a quarter note in the snare space and using shift-option-up arrow to change it to the X notehead/cross-stick. All is good now. I will let you know if it continues to be a problem. It isn’t a huge issue for me because I don’t really use the playback for anything important…It is just fun to hear sometimes. I am more concerned with how my scores look than how they sound in my notation program. At least for now. Thank you and Todd for your help. I look forward to participating in the forums more.

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Yes. Maria left this morning. It was an amazing week.

I fixed the setting for stems up, thank you for pointing that out. I seldom notate drum grooves it seems, but this chart is for a younger group and I need to notate some things.

Thanks for your help!

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