Drum Set Rhythm Notation?

How can I create a simple Rock Rhythm for Drum Set (Bassdrum, Snare, Hi-Hat) ?
If I select “Drum Set” as Instrument I can’t even change the pitch of the Note with “alt+up/down keys”

tia, patrick

Unfortunately unpitched percussion notation is in a very rudimentary state at the moment. Single-line percussion works OK, but multi-line percussion is basically not yet properly implemented. Improving this part of the program is a high priority for us.

Thanks for the quick reply!
At least I can stop looking for it :wink:

Yes, I’m sorry it’s not there yet, but we know it’s important and we will get onto it as soon as we can.

Will we get proper drum map as well as in Nuendo/Cubase ? (different output of each note… i.e. bass drum from one instrument and two snares from another, cymbals from a 3rd etc. etc. )

Yes, the plan is that you should be able to route each percussion sound to a different endpoint if necessary.


I’ve been a user of Cubase Score for many, many years (ever since it was first released) and I would like to make mythoughts known regarding the drum notation in Dorico. Please note I have not purchased Dorico yet, but I intend to before too long, as I have a large(-ish) scoring gig coming up soon.

One of the major timesavers for me in Cubase is the allocation of tail up/tail down in Voice defaults. I always use Polyphonic Voicing in my drum part set-up, and I have the same sound attached to the same note name but in a different Voice. That way, I can use my preferred snare (tail up, grouped with 8th-note hi-hats, etc) in voice 1, but occasionally I can group the snare with the kick drum by using the Voice 2 snare (tail down), helpful if I’m writing funky grooves with lots of 16th patterns on the kick. This is true of writing tom fills as well - it’s useful to have toms grouped either above the stave or below the stave.

Another point - I’d love to have software that will allow graphics attached to note heads. Specifically, I’m talking of closed v open hi-hats. Strictly speaking, the closed hats should have a + above them, and the open hats should have a small 0. In practice drummers will play closed until they see a specific open, normally followed by more closed. But it would be handy to have notation for closed and open, with the correct graphics over the head of each note, and with the default being ‘no graphic’. Obviously these would then be assigned to the different patches on the drumkit. Here’s a wacky thought: perhaps this could be assigned to a ‘user notehead’ which could be designed by the user in a similar way to the User Graphics option in Cubase?

In summation, I ask for polyphonic grouping for drum notation with assignable stem direction, and creation of specific noteheads for open and closed hi-hats.

Thank you

Miles Forman

BTW, I love the idea of flows that have no attachment to a time signature so it can be manipulated wherever you like. Nice!

Thanks for your suggestions, Miles. As we come to start working again on percussion notation in the coming months, I hope we will be able to accommodate these kinds of features and make inputting unpitched percussion as quick and efficient as possible in the application.