Drum sounds not playing on playback

Using Dorico 4

I’ve entered a drum part into my score, but can only hear kick drums and cymbals. No snare sounds (regular Snare, Sn Dr. side stick, etc) sound in the playback.

I’ve tried using a different Instrument set (GM 131 Jazz Kit) but that did not change anything.

I have a feeling it is a problem with percussion mapping, but I’m not sure how to fix it. Can someone advise?

Snippet.dorico (993.8 KB)

See the attachment score, and note that only the Kick Drum and Ride Cymbal are sounding in playback, however all sounds are played when entering notes or selecting ones already on the staff.

Have you reapplied the Playback Template in Play mode? I always go to that first if there is an instrument sound problem.

I went to Play → Playback Template. HSSE + HSO (Pro) was selected. I hit Apply and Close, and nothing changed: the snare sounds are still not sounding in playback.

I also tried the other options (HSSE (Elements) and HSSE (SE)) and had the same issue.

I experience exactly the same behaviour as you with your project, Eric. I’ve spent a long time looking at it, and I just can’t work out why the side stick isn’t playing back. I notice that if I create a new drum set in the project and copy and paste the music from the original one to the new one, it then plays back correctly: do you find the same?