Drum Track when you're not drummer?

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to create a drum track for an arrangement of “The Days of Whine and Roses” where I record myself with my harmonica on an audio track accompanied by a rhythmic made by Cubase.

I made the chord track, but unfortunately I’m not a drummer and would like to know if there are simple little drum tracks (Jazzy) for Cubase that I could use to start and learn how to make drum tracks without having to reinvent the butter cutting wire (comme on dit en français :slightly_smiling_face:)?

Alain (beginner in Cubase Elements 12 under W10) :slightly_smiling_face:


You can use Google to search for Drums MIDI file.

Thanks Martin, I did not think about it :upside_down_face:

I imported some MIDI files and it works fine.
On the other hand, for certain MIDI files, I have no sound coming out even though I see a signal in the VU meters?


The only idea I have is some MIDI Files are using MIDI Channel 1 other MIDI Files are using MIDI Channel 10 (maybe). It depends, on how is your instrument set up.

I can sympathize with your struggle not being a drummer. Every time I do a drum part (midi file etc) I’m always 2nd guessing myself. Is it too fast, too slow, too busy etc etc etc.


For me, it’s the same for any instrument. Good knowledge and understanding of the instrument is very important.

This course totally transformed how I approach MIDI Drums., even though I’m mostly entering notes by mouse. Thinking about it in terms of Left-Right sticking patterns makes it so much easier to create realistic sounding grooves.


Oh ! Thanks a lot Raino :slight_smile:
Do you know if there are notes/pdf ?

Took this some years ago so don’t recall. But if there is it would be in the Course Extras tab. For this specific course I’m not sure written Notes would be very useful since the core of what Eli does is show you what is physically happening and why - so it’s pretty visually oriented. It did come with a bunch of MIDI Files of Drum Rudiments which is nice.

The cheapest way to use Groove3 is to get an All Access Pass for a month, or longer if you like. But there is also the option to buy and download the class, so you can rewatch it whenever you want.

This class got me to really think about the Left & Right hands, and how they contribute to making a part sound realistic. For example your dominant hand might be a tiny bit faster than the other hand. One trick I’ve used is to duplicate the Snare Drum in the kit and then ever so slightly tweak the sound on the 2nd Snare - maybe change the pitch and volume by a tiny amount. Then use one Snare for the Left hand and the other for the Right.

Thanks again for all the practical information Raino :slightly_smiling_face:
I am going to purchase this course to learn it “at my own pace”.
For a few months I decided to learn the chromatic harmonica which is my main objective currently, Cubase and the operation of the drums come next. I know the basics of music because I played the sax in a marching band and orchestra (as an amateur), which should make my learning easier :slight_smile: