Drum VI Outs to Audio Tracks...Definitive Way?

A recent convert to Cubase…and loving it.
My only real issue is converting my Superior Drummer and EZDrummer 2 tracks to individual audio files from a stereo instrument track.
This was relatively easy to do in Pro Tools.

I’ve tried 3 different methods I garnered from YouTube with varying degrees of success but Im fairly confused by the whole process now.
I’m aware of the RIP mono/stereo issue and would really luv to have proper mono channels where appropriate so done sort of bussing procedure?

It’s such great software and pretty intuitive but this one has me scratching my head a bit…I assume Im just missing some step.

Thanks to anyone that cares to share their method!

If you have midi parts then by far the best is to right click it and choose Render in Place.
If parts are separate in midi they come out the same as audio. is that what you want?

I have the midi on the instrument track that I have activated the outputs in the VI and then rendered from there but end up with stereo files where mono should be?
It wa great…and fast way for sure but the mono/stereo thing kinda bugs me :wink:
Just curious I guess if there was another way I hadn’t considered being a Cubase rookie :slight_smile:
Thanks for the reply!!

I see what you mean, I have the same issue with Rewire tracks. If you want you can also try just setting up a mono Group (dummy) track with the instruments going there. Then record that group channel to a new audio track.

I’ve read a few workarounds like that…
It just seems to me that with such forward thinking software n pretty much every other level that this is an odd issue.
Still have that s nagging thought that it’s me just missing something :wink:

Hi - I don’t know if this addresses your question, but I’ll try:

If you hit F11, the VI’s rack will open. Go to the rack that has your VI named and on the right there is a little symbol that looks something like “[>” , without the quotes. If you click that it will open up dialogue that lets you export 1 audio track per drum (e.g.). The Cubase default is for the whole instrument to go to a single stereo track. So for example, with EZD2, you’ll get an audio track for kick, another for snare, etc.

Not in front of DAW currently, so if this doesn’t quite work out just post back! :slight_smile:

What is the problem having stereo tracks instead of mono ?
There are a lot of users using stereo tracks exclusively, so that stereo plugins can be used.
If the signal is mono it is kind of irrelevant if the track is stereo or mono.

Thanks Alexis…will try that.
Hey peake…hadn’t looked at it that way…a little paradigm shift…lol…food for thought!
All the replies are greatly appreciated…really digging Cubase so far!!!

I may have misunderstood the OP. I thought he wanted to split each drum (e.g., kick, snare, hats, toms, etc.) out to their own track for more precise control of individual processing, editing. Those come out as stereo tracks on some of my VSTi’s, but for that purpose I’d be just as happy if they came out mono.

You understood me fine…individual mono and stereo tracks where appropriate.
I could do this in Pro Tools with relative ease…

In fairness to Cubase Maybe it’s the way Toontrack has set up their outputs?
Split stereo busses?

Yes, EZD2 sends their single mic “recordings” out as stereo files to Cubase.

Disturbingly, they don’t null on my system when I render > split files, then flip the polarity on one of them. Not even that close - peaks at -37dB.

Seems like it shouldn’t be that way, right? (I used the snare top, FWIW).

You would have to adjust the toontrack mixer, Pan dead center and bone dry, to get a mono signal.
I would not worry and use stereo tracks.

In PT I can set the input of an audio track from either L or R side or Stereo output of each of any given plugins output so the mono/stereo idea is easy even given Toontracks output structure…oh well…stereo Hi Hats it is :wink:
Thanks gang!!