Drum VST not registered after realtime recording

I tried realtime rec. with TD Power Drums in Dorico 3.5. It sounds fine, but nothing is registered. As if nothing has happened.
It plays back during input/recording.
Even if the mapping should be wrong (there is no Dorico map with this kit) I presumed that things would be registered, even though I had to re-map later.
Solution, anyone?
(Recording with Dorico’s HALion kits work fine)

Not sure what you mean by “registered.”

No notation after recording with MT Power Drums. None whatsoever.
Other drum VSTs work.

I solved it myself,
just by creating a new track/new instrument (for example a tuba, not a drum set!).
(Making drum map is not part of the problem).
Voila. It worked.
Why didn’t I think of that before