Drumagog 5 license issue

Hello. I recently purchase drumagog5 and installed it to my computer. Im on a iMac 3.4 ghz i5 with 32 gb ram. I use Cubase 8 pro for my daw. After the installation of drum agog I started C8 up and was prompted for my license which gives an option for ilok use or some wacky command and send prompt straight to wave machine labs. I accidentally clicked the wacky command and send and closed c8. I then added and activated my license for drumagog5 on my ilok. I then restarted c8 and did not receive the prompt for the license but the plugin is not showing up. I have checked my vest folder and the drum plugin is in the proper folder. I uninstalled and reinstalled drum agog. i have reset my vest pathways but c8 still will not locate the plugin. any advise