Drumkit on midi channel 10

I am using Dorico Pro for one year now. I am very happy so far. I updated to Dorico Pro 3.1.10. Now, I am having trouble with Drumkits. I am sure that this is a very minor problem, but I can not find a solution for it.

When I start a new project in Dorico from scratch I add a solo player. Next I choose unpitched Percussion->Drum Set(full). Now I have one player called Drum Set. In Play-mode, this flow is connected to HALIon SE and midi channel 1. So far so good. HALIon SE is probably fine with having percussions on channel 1. Dorico created in HALIon SE in channel one a [GM 129] Stereo GM Kit. In Write mode I can add percussions and hear the sounds individual of the percussion in the drum set.

But my end goal is to create a midi file for my general midi sound module KETRON SD2, therefore I need the drum set on midi channel 10.

So in Play-mode I changed the midi channel of the first flow to 10 and in “HALIon SE” at midi slot 10 I created a second [GM 129] Stereo GM Kit.

Now in write mode and play back I only hear in one and the same voice (Whistle?) for each percussion instrument in the drum set. I do not understand this. I watched all most every video related to percussion but I did not find an answer. Why can’t I change midi channel for drum set the same way and for any other flow with ordinary voices/instruments. Any help would be very appreciated.
drumkit.rar (466 KB)

Welcome to the forum, ehanique. I haven’t opened your file but my guess is that you need to choose the correct ‘Yamaha XG’ percussion map in the Endpoint Setup dialog.

Wow. So simple. This solution was right in front of me. So stupid!

Many thanks.