Drummers: How can I get ride cymbal bell sound to playback?

Can anyone guide me how I can add an option to play the bell of the ride cymbal (rather than the regular ride cymbal sound)?
Would this be an edit of the percussion map (so that I could hold down “shift-option” to access variations on one staff-line)?
Or is that playback sound accessible via “shift-p” (playing techniques)?

The ride bell is a playing technique that should be part of the standard kit… (Oddly, I was just using it this afternoon)

Like you say, using shift-alt up or down (on a PC) or like you said, shift-option up or down on Mac will cycle through the different techniques for each instrument in your drum kit. If you don’t like the default note head that Dorico uses for the bell, you can change it in the percussion kit setup in setup mode…