Drumreplacement: how to capture a snare flam

This has given me headaches:
The real drum part contains a few snare flams, however when i create midi notes from the track there is only one note not two.
The result is the midi snare part does not contain the flams and i have to draw them in by hand.
I played with all the settings but can’t get it to capture the flam.
For the record: the snare is on a seperate track and the flam is clearly visible in the sample editor and i set the threshold so there’s no overlapping between the two hits.
Anyone knows how to do this?

Hi there

The best method for me is once I’ve set my hitpoints, to scroll through the snare track in the editor at a decent zoom level and double check that each snare has a hit point. Holding shift while scrolling the mouse wheel forward moves you through the song and at the same time gives you the mute tool so you can quickly remove any unwanted hitpoints.
Likewise you can stop and use alt to change to pencil tool and quickly pop in a hit point where necessary (in your case the second hit of a flam probably.)
With a bit of practise this can become a very quick procedure and I find I can zip through a snare track in less than 2 minutes. When I’m done I know all my hit points are perfectly in place for any future hitpoint related editing including creating midi notes.
The kick and tom tracks don’t seem to need as much scrutiny as the snare track. I can do those in about a minute.
One final tip I find it much quicker to set the hitpoint threshold to give me too many hitpoints rather than too little. Its much quicker to remove one than add.

Hope this helps