Drums on cubasis 3 ios

i recently purchased the Cubasis3 and im recording metal song but my problem is that i want other drums sounds. any suggestions?
or can you. recommend me any 3rd party drums sounds that are compatible with Cubasis3

Hi @Nigol_Ozz,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Did you check out the dedicated Allen Morgan Signature Drums, which are included in MicroSonic?

If not, please give these steps a try:
(1) Go to “MEDIA/MIDI/Allen Morgan Signature Drums”
(2) Tap the first preset to select it
(3) Tap “AUTOPLAY” to listen to the preset preview phrase*

*all Cubasis instruments factory presets include preview phrases, similar to these…

If you’re still looking for other drum sounds,

  • on iOS: you might check out available 3rd Audio Unit drum instrument apps
  • on Android/iOS: you choose dedicated drum samples and create your own MiniSampler drum kit.

Here are some tutorial clips, that shows how to quickly and easily create MiniSampler instruments your own:

MobileMusicPro | How To Use The MiniSampler In Cubasis 3 To Create Custom Instruments

The Sound Test Room | Cubasis Minisampler Tutorial for iPad, Making Great Samples

Hope that helps in finding decent drum kits for your metal tracks!

Enjoy making music
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This is one of those things that’s keeping the iPad from being a “pro” tool. We NEED quality sample libraries - acoustic drums included. Well recorded acoustic drums. With Multiple velocity layers, and round robins. With multi-out routing. The M1 pros should be able to handle this now, yes? RAM is no longer the bottle neck?

Hi @Cameron_Reese,

Thanks for your message.

There is a wide range of 3rd party instruments available, which support the Audio Unit format and can be easily used within Cubasis. No matter, if Sampler, Drum Instruments and much more. Same goes for other instruments types and effects, of course…

Hope that helps!

Best wishes
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Thanks Lars,

Unless I’m missing something, I cannot find good 3rd party acoustic drums (for rock / metal) on iPad that have the same quality of what’s available for kontakt on a Mac.

For synths, the iPad is great. Anything sample based though where realism is concerned (I.e. acoustic drums, orchestral, etc), what little that is available is sorely lacking

What’s intriguing is with the M1 chip now being on iPad Pro, once they allow full utilization of the hardware (hopefully) in the next iPad OS update, theoretically the iPad Pro should be just as capable as an M1 mac with handling multiple instances of complex multi sampled instrument libraries, such as kontakt. It’s just a matter of developers choosing to pursue and adopt the platform.

The downside is, those developers will be willingly choosing to pursue a platform where the price they can charge is substantially less. Professionally developed kontakt libraries cost hundreds of dollars where the most expensive instrument “apps” are only tens of dollars at the high end.

Hopefully we will see the iPad evolve into more of an ecosystem for sample library developers, but I’m not optimistic it’ll happen anytime soon.

Until then a Mac running kontakt is still an integral part of my creation process.

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Hi @Cameron_Reese,

Depending on your taste, the Allen Morgan Signature Drums might fit in great here. Please give these steps a try, to check them out easily and quickly:

(1) Go to “MEDIA/MIDI/Allen Morgan Signature Drums”
(2) Open the folder an tap on an entry (e.g. “Alive Kit AM Bridge”)
(3) Enable “AUTOPLAY” via tapping the similar named button

Once done, you can browse several audio demos featuring the included drum kits. On a side note: We’ve included audio demos for all factory presets of the included instruments (which can be previewed almost the same way via the “Instruments” folder).

As mentioned before, there are many AU compatible instruments and effects plug-ins available from other app vendors, if you’re looking for something different.

Hope that helps!

Stay safe
& best wishes,

I recently worked with DrumSession it has very good metal/rock kits and beats!

I’ve used DrumLoops HD (1 & 2), a few times, both iPhone & iPad.
It streams via AudioBus, or, cut & pasting. It’ll do tempo stretching in GarageBand. It’s a pro drummer recorded.
Thing is, it doesn’t tune the drum heads, per the song’s key.
And, there’s no separate parts of the kit; the drummer’s using everything he has to, on every single occasion.
There’s no ‘programming’, as in a sequencer.
But for acoustic drums, it does the trick for me, & visually, it’s not a boring ‘sequencer’ kind of look.
It’s also cheap.