Drums on cubasis 3 ios

i recently purchased the Cubasis3 and im recording metal song but my problem is that i want other drums sounds. any suggestions?
or can you. recommend me any 3rd party drums sounds that are compatible with Cubasis3

Hi @Nigol_Ozz,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Did you check out the dedicated Allen Morgan Signature Drums, which are included in MicroSonic?

If not, please give these steps a try:
(1) Go to “MEDIA/MIDI/Allen Morgan Signature Drums”
(2) Tap the first preset to select it
(3) Tap “AUTOPLAY” to listen to the preset preview phrase*

*all Cubasis instruments factory presets include preview phrases, similar to these…

If you’re still looking for other drum sounds,

  • on iOS: you might check out available 3rd Audio Unit drum instrument apps
  • on Android/iOS: you choose dedicated drum samples and create your own MiniSampler drum kit.

Here are some tutorial clips, that shows how to quickly and easily create MiniSampler instruments your own:

MobileMusicPro | How To Use The MiniSampler In Cubasis 3 To Create Custom Instruments

The Sound Test Room | Cubasis Minisampler Tutorial for iPad, Making Great Samples

Hope that helps in finding decent drum kits for your metal tracks!

Enjoy making music
& stay healthy,