Drums playing back are recored on voice track

Hi all!

I have a Mackie ProFX12v3 and Cubase Elements 12. The connections between the mixer and Cubase are using USB track on the Mackie (11/12).

I am trying to record a voice track while playing back an existent drum track. When I start recording the voice track, the drums are recorded on the audio track of the voice, so that the 2 tracks are mixed together.

What am I missing? I guess it’s a routing problem somewhere but… where? I did not find the answer searching in Steinberg forum.

What should I do to be able to record the voice (and only the voice) while playing back the Drum track at the same time?


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you describe your audio signal routing completely, please? Isn’t there Loopback Record enabled on your Audio Device by any chance? Or do you make a loopback any other way by mistake in the routing?

Hi Martin. Thanks to answer, very much appreciated :handshake:

So my routing is (as I understand): my Cubase receiving signal from Mackie (ProFX12v3 ) through USB track 12 with the 3-4 button on the Mackie pressed so that it receives signal from DAW. I did not find any loopback feature on the Mackie.

What it sounds like is Cubase is sending out the mix to the Mackie so everything Cubase has and then the Mackie is basically routing that back to Cubase. This is the loop I’m trying to break.

I guess it’s in Cubase I’ll find the solution since the Mackie has no loopback, no many parameters to change on the Mackie since all communication goes through USB and the flow is working, sound from my Mac goes well into Mackie and to my speakers.

I don’t know if it helped you to understand, my DAW knowledge is still very fragile.

Thanks! :grinning:


Please, read about the USB input to the Mixer - playback in the Mackie manual.

I understand it so the USB 3-4 button is an input from the USB (DAW) to the Mix. So you send the out of DAW back to the Mix.

Thanks a lot man! I’m gonna investigate onto that direction. I had been looking to the manual but with the word “loopback”. Playback gives me indeed other direction! Thanks again! :pray: