Drums triplets

Is there any methods to write like this in Dorico?


What aspect are you struggling with?

edit: I see you’re new to this forum - welcome! In answer to your question: yes, this can be achieved rapidly in Dorico.

Thank you! I try this today, but I failed. Cymbals rythm is ok, but when I input the quarter note triplets the cymbales pattern breaks. My exemple is from Finale and use layers. Would be really nice if you can tell me step by step.
Thank you in advance!

I’m assuming you’ve already got a score with a Drum Set and a time signature and some empty bars.

Set the caret to the start of the bar, then use the down arrow to get you to the first pitch, then type ; (or whatever your shortcut is for tuplets). Type 3 Enter.
Then use Y to type notes in (or a MIDI keyboard).

You may hit a problem, which is that the way that the Percussion Kit is set up means that some instruments are part of Upstem Voice 1 (which is equivalent to the first layer in Finale) and other instruments are part of Downstem Voice 1 (which I think is equivalent to the second layer in Finale). If this happens, you’ll get a mess, like this:

What this means is that the instrument you’re trying to enter notes into MUST be in the other voice. The easiest way to fix this is to go back to Setup mode, edit the Percussion Kit and switch the stem direction of that instrument, like so:

There are other ways around it, such as entering a note, right-clicking and going Percussion > Change Voice > and then selecting whatever voice your other triplet notes are already in.

Basically, Dorico’s percussion voices work in a very similar way to Finale’s layers.

Thank you so much! It was very kind of you to take your time for this. Have just had Dorico a few days become more and convinced it will be number one. You made my day!