Drums Via Midi in Battery sound Terrible

A little background on me first:

I am a former FruityLoops user. I switched to Cubase 4 LE packaged with my Lexicon Lambda after I received advice that it would sound better and be more powerful from a friend (to which I heartily agree). I am using the NI Battery 3 plugin with DFH original samples for drums created via midi sampling done by an Akai XR-20 beat station. I create mostly metal.

I can import the drums fine, my kit sounds good when I am playing slower, choppier styles. I have no problems with midi timing, no issues with Battery itself as an instrument track or anything like that. However, When I perform rolls on my kick, The individual notes are almost indistinguishable and run together, and are very “bassy” for lack of a better term. I realize that I need to make EQ changes on my kick and should be choosing a different outbound bus for kick, snare, toms, hats, cymbals, etc. I understand that this feature is not present on LE 4.

So my question is this, essentially, could I achieve the same result by copying the midi data for just the kick over to a different instrument track and performing kick-specific eq changes on that track alone?

And on that note, I’m still very junior to recording in general, and only a baby with Cubase. Given the issue I’m having with kick sounds, can anyone provide suggestions for EQ settings on my kick? I’m using the vstdynamics compressor with moderate attack and moderate release. Should I change this as well?

Thanks in advance for your help guys!