My main squeeze. Do these sound ‘too big’ or over produced? I can’t seem to get that deep kick sound, and I’m not tying to use triggers or drum replacements… any tips?


your dropbox link isn`t working


Sounds a bit overcooked to me (probably too much reverb or ambience channel), but they would probably work alright in the context of a track. What samples are you using?

Samples? On some of my tracks I have Aileen Wuornos interviews and this other woman being exorcised. But samples in terms of music, none

Yeah it is definitely saturated. I just try to get such a huge drum sound because that’s my main instrument, I’m overly focused on it.

Im making heavy post metal stuff, drawing from the math rock insanity of don caballero to the doom of pelican. It’s tough to focus on being an entire band and engineer in one. This is what I live for

I mean drum samples. So is this a recording of a real kit as opposed to a software drum sampler? If so, I guess you are recording it multitrack?

It’s funny how I don’t even go down that line of thought of people recording real instruments anymore! Kinda scary.

I’m not sure how much this will help unless you own trash 2 but other plugins will do the same or similar stuff. I learned some cool drum mixing things to think about and experiment with from this series anyway; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxBKNXe_hOE

Yeah, 12 simultaneous via onyx 1640i. Everyone here seems to be so into this VST thing, and MIDI. Nah, homie, I like my notes and hits to be unique to me. That is my kit, and theres some gating, envelope filter, and that wonderful magneto II. Thats it.

And btw, if you thought that was MIDI, then thank you haha. I freestyle all the time with no metronome, it just spills out.

Well that’s a very cool thing to try to capture your own kit, I definitely respect that. You know there are so many generic drumkit processing tips out there, but depending on your mic collection and signal chain, you may have to employ corrective EQ instead of using it to polish the sound off.

That said, if you want to record something (or just take the above groove) and send me the unprocessed multitrack WAV’s and send them to me via mediafire or whatever you prefer, I could play around and see what kind of processing may be best. If not that’s alright too, but I do hear some untapped potential through your upload (again depending on how much corrective equalization was used.)

A multiband compressor might do the trick. :sunglasses:

nice playing and good sound.

Thanks guys. Multi band compressor allows me to squash just a specifies freq? I’ve never messed to much it. Well, back to work!

Seriously? That is incredibly nice of you. I use dropbox, but since you’re offering, I’ll use media fire if you desire.

I don’t have a dropbox but I can download from wherever I guess. Just PM me with a link.

Really like the Room sound, really doesn’t need much. Proper compression would probably help, using a Fairchild emulator and possibly tighten the low end (M/S Compression) (lateral compression) you can read about that technique and plugs for use but the fairchild compressor from UAD is what I use or try the Waves one as it’s a lot less$$ . But I wouldn’t stress anything till you get it the mix. I LOVE REAL!!!

you can try where the kick drum triggers a low sine wave note, what you do is have a constant sine wave for the full length of the song or verse whatever,and put a gate as an insert on the sine wave track and switch the gate to sidechain mode and in the send of your kick drum track turn on the pre fader switch and open the sidechained sine wave and set the gate to open with the kick to taste ,its a cool effect at times and best to have the sine set to the key of the song. there is a sine wave insert in cubase 6 i cant think what it comes under cause im not on it at the moment ,its maybe in tools .in cubase 5 there is the test generator which can make some crazy low frequency sounds ,iaint tried that one yet.

thanks for the replies! polgara, I basically did that with a version of the kick drum EQ’d out everything but the slap sound… not sidechained though. Thanks KZA! Im not sure about compression,. I used a bit of the built in cubase compression. I dont like to overdo it because the really gentle parts clips the lowest noises a bit… Maybe run automation on the compression?

I’ve tried this “parallel compression” and basically what i have are 2 FX sends, pre fade, from the kick. One is fluffy and has some reverb on it for room sound, and the other is literally a click, just EQ/gate the hell out of it. Works pretty good.

I have since turned down the magneto and other saturations, removed some reverb… It’s amazing how just a nip above zero, it makes a big difference, and i had them cranking here! (using the REVelation plugin)