Drunk On Your Love with Scab Pickens on bass and some rework


This is a new version of ‘I’m Drunk On Your Love’. A big thank you to Scott Danielsen (Scab Pickens) for playing bass on this. His part has made a big difference IMVHO. I have also changed some of the guitars. Added some and removed some.


All comments welcomed


Sounding good here on my junk speakers at the machine shop. If it sounds good here it should sound good anywhere.

Thanks again for letting me be a part of this. It was a valuable learning experience.


Nice work, Scab. Dave, I like what you did with the guitars.

hey guys, sounds like a new song, its got a cool live feel to it now. dave, I think the vocals are perfect for this style, you hit that bluesy sort of down deep drinkin feel nicely. scotts bass puts a solid floor to it now which fills it out, sounded good at the ending. I like it, it was a good exploration dave.
after a couple listens I wondered whether the chording was a tad loud on the left side at times. let me know about that

Yup! Absolutely. Easily the BEST version, this song certainly has matured! Love the low brooding bass, it really has added tremendous value I reckon. :sunglasses: Guitars and BV’s sound really good too.

Well done! :slight_smile:

Your guitar sound always does it for me! Nice bass work too Scabman! :sunglasses:

Yes this version seems a significant sonic improvement, but the singer still seems to be too somnambulant for the lyric – unless irony was actually your goal here

BTW – I quite like the ending :sunglasses:

I think the guitar is ever-so-slightly ahead of the track Dave.
I wonder how it would sound if you dragged it back a tad against everything else?

Not sure about the overall compression of the track. A bit too much?

Oh, and I suppose because of living costs here in Hong Kong,
I only ever get 1 minute of your tune. :frowning:

Hi chaps


Thanks again mate. :sunglasses:


Thanks for listening. :slight_smile:


Yeah Scott has made a big contribution to the tune. Indeed I have had those guitar parts at different levels for different mix revisions until I settled on where they are now. The mix sounds ok with them lower but the slightly higher level gives a little more excitement IMHO but perhaps not quite correct. Thanks.


Thanks for checking in again. One thing I did with this which has also filled out the sound is to record the whole mixdown played through my monitors into th room and record with a couple of different mics. I then delayed both tracks very slightly to give a little live room fell to the mix.


Thanks, but there is nothing special with the guitars here. They were all recorded with the emulated output of this thing.



Well at least you made it to the ending. :smiley: Thanks for taking the time for another listen.


You nailed it on the head with the guitars. I have delayed them a bit now. Thanks for that. :slight_smile: I got a bit carried away with the limiter possibly I have just uploaded a new version with only 0.5db of limiting just to catch peaks. Don’t know why you didn’t get the whole tune. :confused: At least you didn’t have to suffer my singing to the end. :mrgreen:

Here is a link to download it for yourself and any one else who has a problem.


Cheers all. :slight_smile:

Thanks for not rippin’ on my “scabby” bass playing, guys!

This was actually my first attempt and was recorded while playing along to Dave’s originally posted version (which I pirated using the loopback feature of my Focusrite Pro 40 :smiley: ). I made a second effort at it after he presented me with a track with no bass and I think my playing was a little tighter on that one but I had decided to roll my tone knob back for a smoother mellow tone. After hearing what he ended up doing as far as giving the tune a more driving feel I realized I should have left the treble bite as it was. I think it’s probably easier to remove some high end than add it.

Anyway, I think he did a good job turning my completely raw original take into what you hear now.

This is one of those tunes which is hard not to overplay on. So many little details that shouldn’t be stepped on.

I had never tried to do anything like this before and I was a little out of my comfort zone but it was so worth the effort. I’ve always wanted to try a collaboration with someone through the wonders of the internet and now I have a lot better idea of how to go about it if something comes up in the future.


Hi again Scott

A bass sound with some top end tends to work best with most of my tunes. I helps the bass to come through without being too loud. I think I actually reduced the lows with a shelf on your part here too. I did add some distortion and a touch of chorus to the sound too. There was nothing wrong with the later parts you sent me but that first one just grabbed me somehow. It was almost as if you knew exactly what I wanted.


Jet, I was listening to the new file I posted. Hmm, maybe the compression is still not right. :unamused:

Got the file Dave, an extra 2 minutes with a cut-throat ending. :confused:
Terminates at 3:03. Is it some artistic play on the idea of being drunk?
So drunk you accidentally set the export parameters incorrectly?
If so, I get it, and velly funny ah.

Guitars sound better now. :wink:

Now and then the full depth of the bass drops out on certain notes.

There are a handful of vocal spots where you might benefit
from a bit of file surgery in order to tame some of the more aggressive
vowels. I know because I’m an arch offender in that area.

You are exploring other directions of late, and good on ya.

Mix sounds fine to me, not too compressed.


Dunno why you don’t get the full file. :confused: Anyhooo just uploading a new version and I did check the locators. :smiley: The vocal ‘spitting’ was on my to do list. What I did find was that I had a very short delay on the vocal which was contributing to that on some words so I have removed that. The vocal is slightly drier now but I think it still works.

The trouble with experimenting is that it doesn’t always come off and one can appear to be a bit of a tit sometimes. :mrgreen:


Hi Dave,

Like the tempo, it slowed me down to a very comfortable pace. The guitars built simple to supurb. Scott, nice job on bass. Want to mention, interesting music site, where is that?

Take Care,


Hi John

Thanks for the listen. :sunglasses: I am still tweaking this one. :unamused: In fact I’ve just uploaded a new version. There was some distortion audible on the drums in one or two of the louder spots and I’ve tried to make a bit of space in the guitars with some mid/side eq for the bass which was going missing now and again.


Sorry John, I must be a bit dense. I don’t understand the question. :blush:

Hey Dave,

Taking a second listen, afraid my ears are aging out. Didn’t notice the distortion the first nor most importantly the second time…Damn good song.

I guess I didn’t realize you had your own website…took a look around , very nice.