Dry signal issue VST guitar tracks

Hey all. New to this forum and forums in general. LMK if I’m doing ok, lots of questions. LOL

I’m having an issue with basic guitar tracks. New project with 2 mono audio tracks and 1 group stereo track. I have recorded an 8 bar guitar event on each mono track. I inserted Waves PRS Supermodels (mono) on each track and panned one hard left and the other hard right. When they are sent to the group like this all is well. My question is this: If I remove amp sim from mono tracks, keep them panned and send them to group with amp sim (mono/stereo) loaded there, why am I hearing effected signal but also dry signal? As in, if I turn the volume of the amp sim all the way down, I still hear dry signal out of right monitor. It is noticeable with the sim at normal operating levels. As I have been exploring cab IRs lately, I have watched guys on Youtube set up as I have with nothing on mono inserts, amp sim and/ or convoluter on group inserts. Any thoughts out there? It’s almost like I should be looking for a wet/dry mix knob on the plugin but there isn’t one. But that would not explain why I am still hearing dry signal with amp sim volume off. My direct monitoring is off in Studio Setup, BTW…

You say you’re “sending” signal to the group track. If you mean you’re using the send control, that will result in dry signal going to the output bus in addition to the send. Instead, you need to direct the output of the mono track to the group.

Note that effects like amp sims, that depend on input level, usually don’t work well when shared on a group channel.

Thanks for your reply GlennO.

Sorry, yes I am routing, not sending. I think I get it, though. I should be inserting sim on audio tracks then sending to group for EQ, Dynamic, etc. to taste and as applicable/ appropriate. That is what you are saying, correct? I am including a link to a vid I watched, it looks to me that this guy is using group insert only? He is likely running it like this to demo the IR loader? I have tried VST Amp Rack as the group insert and get different results, as in I can turn the sim volume down to silence unlike the PRS Supermodels plug. Am I just wasting time and overcomplicating things? I thought it might be easier on resources if I only had one instance of amp sim running on the group instead of for every mono guitar track…


You had a good idea regarding cpu efficiency, but sharing the amp sim on a group channel won’t work very well. Put one on each audio channel instead. An IR loader on the other hand, should be ok.

Yes, I am drawing that same conclusion. Good idea about the loader. Thanks for your kind reply!!

Thank you for sharing article and information. this is very helpful for me.

Many Ampsims are working just fine in stereo mode so no problem sending 2 hardpanned guitars to a group and just put the ampsim there. Note that there are still a few ampsims that only work in mono so cannot do it with these.