Dry / Wet Signal on every VST Effect /Insert

automatable Dry / Wet Signal on every VST Effect /Insert, seems easy to implement and very handy and versatil and useful

edit: added Insert to the topic to avoid redudency

bump! can’t you see the benefit of this small feature?


smaaall knobe please!

That’s why we have sends and fx channels.

On the noise gate too? And the brick wall limiter?

Hehehe :laughing:


well i wouldn’t use on them ! but i’d like to have that option because that would mean we could use on any other type of effects which makes sense. Reaper has this, are they stupid?


Again, in response to mixing in the brickwall limiter: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parallel_compression

Being able to use inserts in a more flexible way isn’t stupid. Stop fanboying.

exactly and you the smart guy

A limiter is not a compressor.
Function of a limiter is to prevent overshoots, this can’t happen when a part of the signal passes through.
For plugins where it makes sense, yes, handy

The idea is to let the creative choices be free. So many effects wouldn’t have been discovered if only what made sense was done. Think of overdriven guitar, or what the TB-303 ended up being used for.

The wet/dry knob I’m used to seeing in FL Studio is just another creative possibility. It’s weird to see people so against that.

It’s fine, but barely revolutionairy, more dreaded.
I was doing New York compression already mid eighties.
It more a std feature now like a bypass or mute button. Nothing to get to excited aboutr

Yeah, it’s not revolutionary but I think it’s a nice option.


I would like a dry/wet knob on every insert. That way all plugins 3rd party or internal would have this feature.

that is what is requested (there is no other way of putting a VST in cubase)

No you requested a wet/dry adjustment on every plugin, I would rather see a wet/dry adjustment on/beside every insert slot.