DS and repeats - barline issue

I’ve got a piece in Dorico that has a DS Al Coda.
The coda is nicely indented, and the score plays back perfectly, so I know it’s “correct”. But I have a small issue with barlines…
At the DS, I changed the barline to a “thin double” bar line. The coda starts at the front of the next line, and I want the first 4 bars of the coda to repeat, so I began the Coda with repeat marks. This destroys the double barline at the DS and removes the extra visual prompt that “this is where something happens”. Is it possible for the DS to have a double bar at the end AND the Coda to start with repeat marks? If so, how :slight_smile:

Just check your settings in Engraving Options/Barlines:

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Excellent - thank you so much!