DSP freeze with Sapphire Pro 24

I want to share my experience with trying to get Cubase AI4 to load with a Focusrite Sapphire Pro 24 interface hooked up. Cubase was freezing up when it hit the “Initializing: SSEOptimized Audio DSP Library.” I looked at many posts related to the problem and tried trashing the folder than contains the preferences (really, the settings.) That did not work. But, thanks to this post on the Nuendo section of the forum: http://www.nuendo.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=152606 … I was able to get things working very simply.

As this person wrote, one needs to remove the ASIO file from the Cubase Program File/Steinberg/ASIO Folder. Or maybe removing the entire folder is good/better? I simply moved the asiodxfd.dll icon from the ASIO folder to my desktop and left it there while I tried to open Cubase AI4 again. I turned on the Sapphire Pro 24 and started the Cubase software. It loaded up perfectly. It saw the Pro 24 and I only had to choose the Sapphire ASIO driver in the Cubase settings. Everything is good now! I hope this helps others.