DSP issues

DSP goes through the roof fast in C3. I’m playing with the Micrologue and adjusting the filter envelope at the same time and the audio cuts out. I thought it was CPU but that seems normal. Don’t even mess around with AUv3 effects… that will slow C3 down to a crawl. Probably needs a polishing down there?

Same over here.the same project runs smoothly in Cubasis 2 only difference is that in Cubasis 3 I have one group track on which I put Korvpressor and fab filter q2.i have the buffer to max but the DSP is around 60/70 and when you open Korvpressor you can hear the audio glitching.
iPad Pro 11
iOS 13.3

The issue is with FabFilter Pro Q2 in my case.i changed it and everything seems to be working as it should

i got the same problem but i think its worse with wave plugin in app per. dsp is for efx i hope they fix it when i turn on the wave plugin sound starts to crackle

Hi Septimo,

Thank you for your message and report.

John1289 mentioned, that the combination of Micrologue and FabFilter Pro Q2 created an issue at his end.
Are you able to reproduce the problem with a single MIDI track assigned to Micrologue (and nothing else involved)?


Yeah I can. Only one midi track and tweak the filter envelope. That’s it. But if you were to add an AU effect it shoots all the way up in towards 80s percentage and clicks and pops the audio.