DSP Mix FX Access-816C

New 816-C
I record all my guitars direct from a Kemper.
I created a stereo bus and in new stereo tracks I get access to the goodies in the 816C tab in the inspector.
Mono tracks fed from the same bus…no inserts show up to access the morphing channel strip?
I created a separate bus for mono tracks and lost access to them in the previously created stereo tracks.
My UR824 had no problem with the single bus( stereo ) bus for my Kemper and would assign to a single left input automatically for mono tracks.

I need this to work for both as I don’t even see an option for the old style hardware tab in the mix console.

Any thoughts from anyone would be appreciated

A bit more fiddling around has got me to mono bus for the Kemper and anything else and everything shows up as intended in the inspector including the dSP Mix Fx in the 816C tab.
You can’t seem to add a stereo bus tho…maybe because one of the inputs is all ready employed in a current mono bus (my Kemper hooked up stereo) although I could do this with the UR824.
Now I like to use Control Room…
Set that back up and can’t get the 816 tab in the inspector or the hardware tab on the mix console.
There is an option for hardware in the inspector setup cog wheel…but it does nothing.

Possibly bugs?
Don’t think I can wait it tho when my 824 does all this.
I grabbed the 816 for the better headphone amps and my 824 main volum/output pot on the front had stopped working (control room volume control works around that)