DSP MixFX Reverb


I posed this question a couple months back about using the DSP Mix FX reverb in my projects and just wanted a little more clarity on the issue.

I’m currently using the reverb as an effects send on a bus track on Pro Tools. So I create an Aux track, assign it a bus and then change its output to ‘UR 44 Fx Bus’, then send what ever I want to it.

Am I right in understanding that there is no way to print this reverb or even export it? It would just be really handy if there was a way around it because it would save me having to buy some reverb plugins instead. Whenever I try it just record/exports the dry signals of whatever was sent to it


Nic J

Does your version of PT support VST plug ins?

I don’t think it does. I know there are ways to get around it but I haven’t looked into it too much

Funnily enough I’ve accidentally found a way to print the DSP reverb into a track in pro tools myself.

Create a new audio track and assign it a bus. Bus what you want to Audio track then change it’s output to ur44 Fx out. Then patch out of outputs 3-4 on the UR44 into inputs 3-4. Create another audio track with inputs 3-4 and it’ll print just the reverb.