dspMIX for Android / Alternatives to use?


  1. Why is Steinberg not releasing dspmix for Android?

  2. Which Android apps would you recommend to use instead when using a Steinberg audio interface?

Thanks in advance


This would be a unique selling point for Steinberg interfaces; very useful for constrained hardware like mobile devices. If the cost of development is too great, why not release the iOs version as open-source? There’s a big crossover between musicians and the software developer community. The UR series DSP is an underappreciated and undersold feature IMHO; Steinberg could be eating Focusrite et al alive if more people were aware of the UR DSP capabilities!

You should be able to download version 2.5 direct from the AppStore When you try and download MusicStudio you should get a message to the effect that it needs iOS 8 or later but ask if you want to download the last version that works with your iOS version.

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