dspMixFx 1.5 on MacBook Air M1 - No Device Found


I’m new to the Apple ecosystem.
v. 1.5 worked fine on Windows.
Now on Macbook it says ‘No Device Found’.
UR44C is connected via usb 3.1->usb hub->mac.
When it’s plugged directly into the laptop it’s the same story.

The sound, yamaha driver, everything else is OK.

Any ideas? Is it due to the M1 chip?

Hi there,

Unfortunately the UR44C can only be used in Class Compliant mode on a M1 CPU based macOS device, as there are no working USB drivers released as of yet for it. And therefore all the tools / utilities are redundant and do not work.

In the DAW of your choice you will probably be able to use all the inputs and outputs on the audio device using the Core Audio drivers of macOS, but due to not having the dspMixFX application working, you will hear any of the inputs being repeated in the main stereo outputs (like a delayed echo, latency dependant). One way I have found to get around this, is to route the output (in Logic here) to outputs 3-4 or 5-6. But this is only a workaround and any effects I wish to put on an External Instrument do not work, without me also routing them to those outputs. So it is not an ideal situation at the moment, but better than having no audio interface.

Hopefully the Steinberg team are putting some resources to the task, but the last post here from one the Steinberg folks did not fill me with confidence with the current situation.

tl;dr the UR44C interface works on M1 based macOS devices, but it is not perfect by any means…


Thank you Russ.

GarageBand is loading projects just fine.
Cubase loads with built-in audio settings. Once I select UR44C it just freezes and crash.

Hopefully Steinberg is going to release drivers for M1 soon ; (

No worries, happy to help…

You could try deleting the preferences file :

However, you can try the following to make your UR Interface work under macOS 11 (Big Sur):

** disconnect your UR Interface*
** open the following path on your hard drive:*
“Name of your hard driver" → “Library” → “Preferences”
** now delete the following file:*
** restart your machine and reconnect your UR Interface afterwards*

Also, I understand that Cubase Version 10.5 runs without any issues and, finally… I have managed to get around the delayed audio loop in Logic Pro!

Basically connected my old i386 laptop back up to the UR44C and started the DSP mixer application on there and then I turned all the faders down for the input channels in it for all my outboard synths and saved the configuration.

Disconnected the UR44C from the laptop and connected it to the M1 MacMini and lo and behold the UR44C holds the settings and I have no feedback at all… So, I have now got a a good compromise, working system at the moment.

Great! Removing the file worked just fine for me to make use of Cubase!

After one year, do you know if dsp mix is compatible with M1 chips?

Not yet.

For up-to-date info refer to UR-C Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

I am a bit worried, am moving to Mac Studio this year (I use c12, UR44C, CC121) and after reading about what problems people have, I wonder if M1 is good idea.