dspMixFx effect add-ons

Dear Lars,

I hope that you’re doing well. I would like to ask you if Steinberg is thinking to offer additional effects for the dspMixFX application in free and paid versions as already did in Cubasis. Of course, the included amps are amazing but only for an Electric Guitar.

What about El.Bass or Ac.Bass amps? What about an amp modeling for Ac.Guitars? Another issue that we all have is the Tuner.

Also, it would be a nice idea for the Guitars Amps to include a wha-wha option, a feedback option, a pitch shifter option and so on. And, all these should have the option to be controlled via a third-party midi pedals (e.g. IK Multimedia iRig Blueboard or Bias BT-4 Bluetooth Midi Pedals).

In closing, i would like to bring to your attention an issue with the Cubasis and the RoomWorks FX. When you soloing a track which has as a send effect the “RoomWorks SE”, every time you hit the stop button a big loud noise (like a feedback) is coming from the track. The only way to stop this, is to switch off the RoomWorks FX temporarily. My apology for mention it here :frowning: :frowning: .

However, we are looking forward to the next quick fix for this :smiley: :smiley:

Kind Regards,


I am behind you on this.

Honestly, one of the reasons I purchased the UR242 was because of the latency-free monitoring and effects. Having the signal processed going in is an amazing thing.

I wish that dspMixFx had the option to display and process third-party VSTs, seeing as, for me, using the channel strip for vocals can be a bit difficult to work with. The process tree seems to be Comp >> EQ, when honestly I prefer it the other way, but there is no way to change that. Also the EQ and Compressor are very limited in their own regard. I would love to be able to use ReaPlugs in place, and possibly have multiple FXs running (multiple VSTs)

I looked everywhere for a feature request area, but no luck. I hope they glance at this post.


That was on my mind too! Not sure whether the dsp fx are in fact a hardware device built in the interface, if so, there’s no possibility of something like that ever happening. If it is software based however… I would gladly pay for extra monitor fx! Another option would be to use the built in fx in the DAW as plugins, but the fact that there are vst versions of those suggests that that is not possible.

Anyway, I would like to hear what the options are :slight_smile:

The effects are DSP-based in the hardware itself so we’d never see the capability to add more.