dspMixFx for iPad issue

I’ve posted this before as a comment in the announcement thread, but since this hasn’t been addressed for 2 weeks now, I’m posting it as new topic.

I’ve been testing dspMixFx on my ipad for a few days now. The whole concept is truly amazing and I love it. However, the app crashes erratically. Not entirely, but it stops my whole setup leaving a hung MIDI note. When this happens some of the other apps lose their MIDI port mappings with the UR44. My setup is Xysthesizr, Samplr, Steppolyarp all synced to Genome. Also some external MIDI gear receives MIDI clock from Genome. This whole setup runs with no problems if I turn the dspMixFx app off, but it would definitely be great be able to mix input singnal in dspMixFx.