dspmixfx glitching

iPad 4 mini 64gb
IOS 10.1.1
Running apps - Cubasis 2, dspmixfx
Interface - UR44 with compatibility firmware flashed.

Recently I’ve noticed severe audio glitching in dspmixfx/cubasis, especially when switching between the two apps (muting/un-muting inputs, for example).

Also I have been occasionally greeted by an IOS warning pop up stating something like,“the developer of this app needs to update their software”.

Should we be expecting an update for dspmixfx/cubasis now that IOS 10 is here? Should I be using dspmixfx and Cubasis together or am I getting confused with the desktop version of Cubase where the dspmixfx functions are built in?

Having just upgraded from an iPad 2 mini 16gb I’m not too impressed by the apparently minimal performance improvements. Is this, possibly, more to do with IOS 10 and your apps compatibility or is the iPad 4 mini a poor choice?

Bump :frowning: