dspMixFx not working within Cubase 11

I just bought the Steinberg ur44c audio interface a few days back. While everything else is working okay, I am having an issue running the dspMixfx software within Cubase. After opening the software in the daw, nothing seems to work… the meters don’t show any input signal and Fx is dead. When I check the control panel, I see that the USB mode checkbox has disappeared. The software, however, works just fine when Cubase is not on.

Now, when I switch off the audio interface and then put it on again (with Cubase app remaining on), the dspMix software starts working.

I really don’t know what the issue is. Can you’ll help me understand the issue and if there is a solution to this. Thanks.

Do you have the direct monitoring turned on in Cubase?

If it’s on then lot of things from dspmix are “daw controlled”.

Yes, the direct monitoring is on. The issue is dspmix doesn’t work in Cubase unless I turn off and then turn it on again when I’m in Cubase.

It however works when I’m not in Cubase.

Probably not a solution, but are you on the latest FW for the interface? If not that might help.