DspMixFx remote bridge not connecting with WiFi

DspMixFx remote bridge not connecting with WiFi on Windows 10 (and I think on MAC as well)
Will an update be happening soon?

No problem here between PC-W10 and an i-pad4.

DspMixFx UR-C

Even in Wifi? I have no problem connecting with the cable. Only with wifi.
I even talked to support at Steinberg over the phone, and they had the same problem.
Cable connection works. Wifi connection doesn’t.

My W10-PC is connected via cable to my router, but the i-pad only has Wifi. Eveything works each time and perfectly. The Remote Bridge software on my PC is started automaticly with every PC-startup. Every change I make on the i-pad is followed in the Dspfxmix software on my PC and viceversa.
No problems. It’s an old i-pad4 with iOS10 which I only use for a couple of studio-Apps, but still works with this App thankfully.

I was having connection issues one Windows 10 with DSPmixFX remote bridge. The following solved the problem for me:

Did not solve my problem. I am running UR44c not UR44.

This solution worked for my UR816C and previously my ur44c. Sorry it couldn’t help. Not sure where you got the 44c from, there was no mention of ur44 in my linked post.
Good luck, someone else used this information as a started point and did resolve their problem.

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately this did not work for me. Nor did it work for the Steinberg Canada support tech. He tried it on several Windows 10 systems. He reported it to the overseas support team.