Dspmixfx ur-c remote bridge

DspMixFx UR-C remote bridge app not connecting to iPad Pro with WiFi on Windows 10. Tried every trick in the book.
Nothing works. The app does not see the my UR44c.
I have the latest firmware, the latest driver, the latest Tools.
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
iPad Pro 12.9 latest iOS.

maybe the Windows Firewall is blocking the connection?

Checked that also. Firewall not blocking the connection.

Sorry that I can’t help you further. Hope someone else can,

Make sure both machines are on the exact same network.
One might be connecting to your 2.5GHz antenna, while the other is on the 5Ghz antenna, and some routers will block this (or not; it’s a setting in the router).

Can you confirm any other type of IP traffic between the two machines? (like RDP or ping)

Thank you Y-D for your response.
I’ve tried every trick in the book. All my machines are on the same network.
As a matter of fact, Steinberg Canada support has confirmed that this is a problem some 6 months ago and said they were on the case. But that was 7 months ago and still not fix.

Thanks again

Sari Dajani

I have the exact same setup you describe.

Can you ping your iPad from your PC?


Sari Dajani

is there already a solution available for that remote bridge problem?

I have an UR24C. A Win 11 PC with WiFi connectivity shall be connected to an iPad 8th Gen via WiFi.
Both devices have fixed IP addresses within the same home network, both accessing WiFi correctly.
On Win PC, dspmixfx remote bridge is running correctly and has been set up before in order to have “automatic startup” access while having the “WiFi” option checked only (no LAN). On iPad, dspmixfx ur-c app is also running correctly in “UR24C” mode and has been set to “WiFi” interface as well.

Now, the bridge icon in Win taskbar is fully showing up in orange and the dspmixfx ur-c app on iPad is correctly presenting the PC-connected “UR24C” interface it has obviously found, along with presenting the PC’s name. However, after that entry, the word “DISABLED” is shown on the iPad.

As both, PC and iPad, seem to see each other at least, what is the final problem the WiFi connection isn’t actually “ONLINE”? No matter what I try, I can’t get out of the “DEMO” mode, as the connection will never get to an active status, neiter on iPad status nor on Win taskbar icon.

What is the issue here and how can it be solved?
Maybe someone can help and has some more experience on that topic already.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Btw.: In case the UR24C interface is connected to the iPad via USB cable, all is working fine, only the WiFi bridge is not working out as expected. Regardless if the WiFi’s SSID is visible or not. I’ve tried everything.

Hi B.Minor
I feel your pain. I had contacted Steinberg support in Canada last year. After several failed attempts of him trying to connect with wifi, he wrote me to tell me that he had sent this information to the higher-ups and that they would look into it for a later update. NEVER HAPPENED! That was a year ago!
On the other hand, after the latest update from Windows, I was working and decided to check it remote bridge. Low and behold - IT CONNECTED !!!
I can’t help you and can’t explain what happened. The only thing I can tell you is that I unselected Automatic Startup as well as Ethernet and all my Local Area Connections.
I just kept my vEthernet connection, my vEthernet (Wi-Fi) and my Wi-Fi. But that was on my system. Who knows. Try it.
Good luck

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Hi Sari,
thanks a lot for your contribution. I just tried what you proposed; unfortunately without any success. I even tried two different scenarios:

  1. Connecting both, my WinPC (with the interconnected UR24C) as well as the iPad (with the running DspMixFx UR-C app) to my WiFi (by deselecting everything but WiFi in the settings).

  2. Connecting my WinPC via Ethernet directly to my WiFi Access Point and just let my iPad connect to WiFi (by deselecting everything but LAN).

As it seems, in both cases the devices “see” each other, as my PC and the UR24C show up in the device list and the desktop icon fully shows up in orange; however, it remains in the DISABLED status whatever I try to do instead of getting green.

What makes me angry is the fact that users get fooled by instructions which are not complete. There is no real troubleshooting guide available from Steinberg, indicating possible attempts on how to solve such problems (which seem to be iOS-related). I even deactivated all my firewalls temporarily and allowed the iOS devices (I also tried an iPhone later as well) to configure necessary port settings automatically (if necessary), but no way to make it work. Native iPad/iPhone access to the WiFi works perfectly within my home network; however just that Steinberg remote bridge does not! In other words: THIS IS A BUG!

Nevertheless, thanks for your words; I can only hope that someday they will fix that issue. After all, they heavily advertise those features and after you have bought such an interface it won’t work at all. I’m somehow disappointed by Steinberg.

I can’t help you but I only can say with my UR816C on W10 (cable connected) and my ipad7 on WIFI the DSPmix Remote runs great. Even on my old ipad 4 !
So it seems to me that would not be a bug in the URC software.

Even after flashing the new DspMixFx V2.00 firmware successfully to my UR24C interface and installing the latest “Tools for UR-C” packages on my Win11 PC as well as on my iPad 2020 with iOS 15.5, I can’t get the DspMixFx-related WLAN connectivity to work properly. Unfortunately, exactly the additional Windows application, the “dspMixFX Remote Bridge” is still available as version 1.00 only, so it’s surely not considering any functionality necessary to work with newer Win OS’s like Win10 or Win11.
Steinberg, please fix this, as this missing link between PC and iPAD would be very essential in my case, especially if you are running a DAW on your PC and would like to let the singer behind the microphone adjust reverb settings to own likings by using an iPad.
Not sure if we can expect to get that remote brige ever working…
But there is still hope. Thanks in advance.

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Working fine for me.
The odds are that it may not be a Steinberg issue, but could be either a wifi router setting and/or a firewall and/or an antivirus setting that prevents the connection “for your protection”…

Do you have other applications connecting your ipad to your PC, like an RDP session for example.
(ex. the “RD Client” app from Microsoft" : https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/bureau-à-distance-microsoft/id714464092

Any news in the freaking issue?? Facing the same problem and to me the unit is useless if not able to remotely control!!

I’m still facing the same issue since one year (as described above). DSPMixFx recognices the PC where Cubase is running, but it simply states “disabled” on the iPad (latest iPadOS). No description why and what can be done to fix that issue. It’s definitely no WLAN problem on my side, as other “remote control” programs from 3rd party suppliers work flawlessly. For example, AVID control (EUControl) can immediately establish remote connection between Cubase and iPad using the same WLAN connectivity. It’s definitely a Steinberg problem. Even after updating to UR-C version 2.01 they seem to be not willing to reply to that issue and give some hints. I tried all, even disabling the whole firewall for a short time - no success. In the end, Steinberg remote bridge turns out to be total useless, as nobody seems to care for useres who bought Steinberg hardware.

Please note this is a user’s forum.
I think some Steinberg employees might be monitoring it, and even contribute sometimes, but most people like me are just poor dudes trying to help each others.
It is good practice to start asking here first, like you did, but if this community can’t help you, at some point you need to contact Steinberg.

Sorry if my verbal expression was too rude. It was not my intention to offend anyone in particular.

It’s just my personal frustration about the fact that a specific problem - which seems to be already reported and acknowledged by the development team long ago (see reports above) - still has not been addressed. Otherwise, other users with exactly the same problem wouldn’t try to find help here in this forum, like I did initially.

I’m also fully aware that Steinberg Support Team is permanently kept busy by managing thousands of support tickets, that’s why I avoided it this time. After all, my last ticket (regarding another topic) was created more than half a year ago, and I still didn’t get any answer yet.

Hello B. Minor.
I was able (after a year and a half) to get Dspmixfx to work. I downloaded the lates update for my card (firmware, driver, tools, etc…) from the Steinberg website.
I had to play around with the settings , and it finally worked. Sometimes it takes 10-30 seconds.
Unfortunately I don’t use Cubase so I can’t offer more help.
I’ll keep an open eye and ear and try to keep you posted.
If you haven’t yet, do try updating first and see what it does.

Hi Sari,
thanks a lot for your reply.
I already flashed the interface with the recent firmware you were referring to, and I also installed the latest Yamaha-Steinberg USB driver along, with the latest URC-Software. I even re-installed the Remote-Bridge several times, but without any success. The devices can see each other, but the connection simply remains “disabled”.
However, I will have one last try to play around with the settings when I have time again, and maybe someday I will also have some luck.